Jun 24, 2009


Sweet little man ..♥♥♥ I was so excited to photograph this little guy. Oh and was he good!!! So sleepy and squishy.. Here are just a few of this precious little boy..

Jun 23, 2009


This is little Adisten, what a doll! She was a mover, let me tell you. I can't blame her though, when you learn to walk you can't help but explore.. During our shoot we also did some family pictures, so it was a well rounded shoot.. We enjoyed some antique shopping, (check out the new prop), walked around main street, took in a thrilling ride in a small and pitch black elevator (creepy) and walked across the beach and back to our cars all in 52 mins. with one minute to spare on the meter. (that was all the time we could get out of the meters, because we all were out of coins, LOL!!!) We got a lot of amazing stuff and I enjoyed my time with Adisten and her family..

Jun 5, 2009

Rachel and Sydney

Aww we had so much fun despite poop-gate! Yes I stepped in it and my favorite spot to shoot became my not so favorite. But just for a few moments ;o) After editing these picture with the girls I remembered why I love this location. Check it out and you will see why.. The girls where having fun and we were all acting crazy! My sister helped me with this shoot and took some great shots too. I will post some of her takes here later. Thanks for the good times girls ;o)


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