Aug 31, 2011

Boden at the fair

I love the fair! Ask anyone I know and they will tell you. Sooooo, when given the opportunity to shoot a session there I was out of my mind excited. And how fun that these kids are red heads. I love red heads!! Maybe that's why I married my husband ;0). Color, color everywhere and sounds and smells! Stimulation overload! There fore this is one of my favorite sessions. Enjoy!


This was the portrait session that took place pre-Dino-mite party. We had a good time. Even at one point taking pictures of Wyatt's little brother in the pool. I always have an awesome time with these boys.

Aug 29, 2011

Feature on Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas ~ Aw snap!!

I had the pleasure of photographing on of my regular clients son for his birthday. We we arranged it so that I could also take pictures on his special day. With how busy it was going to be we did a portrait session before the party and while there, I took some pictures of the party decor. WELLLLLLL! My images of the party decor was featured on a fabulously well know event planner by the name of Amy Atlas. Please follow the link to Wyatt's Dino-mite 4th birthday

Thanks Joanna for sharing this and calling me to be a part of his special day. I will blog some of Wyatt's session later today.

Aug 28, 2011

Hannah Hannah bo-nannah

first off let me just say that this baby meant business. LOL! She was perfect!
We started off with her teaching me how to Dougie, clearly I was a bit rusty.

And when she was done, she was done. Knuckle sandwich and all! LOL!! She was an absolute sweetheart and she has the most loving Big brother ever.

Sydney and Landon

These kids were characters. Very active and curious, I even got my picture taken at this session. Sydney is a future photographer for sure ;o) Good times as usual guys! Love you two!!

Lily ~ 1 year

Oh Lily, one happy little girl. I don't think she cried or frowned except for when we took her out of the high chair. She loved that thing. Such a sweet little girl and she looked like a doll. My goodness.


Karson is back and cooler than ever! Big eyes and big smiles. I really always have fun playing with him. I think by the looks of it, he enjoyed himself too. ;o))


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