Oct 22, 2009

W's at the pumpkin patch ♥

I don't really post much personal stuff here but, I thought I would share our evening at the pumpkin patch. It was also our turn to take Rusty the Bear from P's preschool class on an adventure so, this was perfect ;o) You can see P even brave the micro Ferris wheel with little Rusty. Too cute. I hope you enjoy just a piece of my life.. ;o)

I thought it was pretty cool that he was jumping in front of their huge projection screen that they were showing music videos ;o)

He looks like my Dad here.

After Peyton braved the micro ferris wheel by herself she wanted to ride it with her big brother, how sweet.

Oct 12, 2009


Little Miss K was 3 months old when I got to photograph her. So happy and so awake ;o) It was fun getting her to smile and react to what I was doing. Such a doll. We did however, manage to get her to sleep for a few moments while I snapped away.. I know you will enjoy just a few from that session..

Oct 5, 2009


Aw, such a sweet lil' guy. Slept so good for me and I couldn't even believe it, first newborn to not go potty on me or the props.. Way to go dude!! Thanks Joey and Holly for letting me into your home and photograph your sweet boy. He was a pleasure ;o)

Oct 3, 2009

Jacob and Hailey

TWINS!! yay ;o) I was so lucky to be able to photograph my first set of twins. I had so many ideas but quickly realize that it's not about me and the babies dictate what they want to do. Hey I am cool with that, because they allowed me to get a lot. I sure hope their parents will be pleased too. Thank you so much C & J for allowing me to photograph 2 precious parts of your life.. ♥♥♥ Thank you Sarah for giving me assistance, I couldn't have done it with out you, love you girl!!!


This is Jack. He was the cutest little guy and he put up with me dragging him and his parents around town. He did so good and I am so proud to post just a few of my favorites here. Thank you for being such a good boy Jack ;o)


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